What People are Saying About Alison's Work

 "and i am me"  is a tender,   funny, totally irresistible short film about the real meaning of family."  

Dean Hammer  

Director of Out in the Silence


 "and i am me"  is a poignant documentary that everyone should see.  Everytime I see it, it brings me to tears... tears of happiness. "                                Mark Payne.  

Director of "Get Happy"


"Segar said she decided to do a movie about Harvey because he is a recluse and she assumed a recluse had an interesting story to tell.

She was right."

Brent Hallenbeck

Burlington Free Press


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Because there is so little time to say everything I want to say, I

only make films about people and subjects that I feel passionate about. I currently have four new projects in production, so please

go to my links to check out the new work.





                                  No Hole in My Head                                          and i am me                              Stories of Extraordinary Courage                                         


In 2007, aged 54, Abby Hale was diagnosed

with early onset of Alzheimer's. As a mom and medical practitioner Abby shares with grace

and insight what she has gained and lost as

a result of this cruel disease. This film allows

us a rare glimpse into a world that is becoming increasingly common in our society, but rarely discussed in such an honest and open way. 



An honest and touching

portrayal of the relationship between a lesbian mother and

her adopted, Ethiopian son.




Exploring the long and arduous journey

of the Somali Bantu from refugee camps

in Kenya to Vermont, the film looks at     

some of the challenges faced since their

arrival, and how we can respond in a

welcoming way.

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